Arlene and Simon
  Georgia and Woody


  Arlene and Simon

Events Hosted by Warranooke

Club Contacts

President- Catherine Shelley                          

0418 581 880

Vice President- Cara Shelley                 

Treasurer- Wendy Sutherland

Secretary (acting) - Tracey Button

0418 545 703

Rally Coordinator

Tracey Buton

0418 545 703

For All Warranooke Enquiries

[email protected]

Upcoming Events

Events Hosted by Warranooke

Easter Monday Dressage Jackpot and Combined Training Day- April 6th 2015

Thankyou to our wonderful sponsors Forbes Lucerne and Tuff horse Rugs. We were spolied with the weather and all involved seemed to have a wonderful day!

Congratulations to Bulla Adult Riding Club for winning the 2015 Champion Club!

Double Points Pink Ribbon Show (28th September 2014)

Thankyou to our Generous Sponsors: CKA Design, Erin's Equine Services, Piaffe Equestrian and Switch Hair & Beauty.

Dresssage Jackpot and Combined Training Day (Easter Monday 21st April 2014)

On Easter Monday Warranooke Riding Club hosted our first ever official HRCAV Dressage Jackpot and Combined Training Day! 


Dressage Jackpot

Combined Training

Champion Club

Thankyou to our Wonderful Generous Sponsors: Cka Design, Erin's Equine Services, The City Barn, Phase Park, Horizon Show Jumps, Canine Appetites and Feed Plus.