Arlene and Simon
  Georgia and Woody


  Arlene and Simon

Membership Information

Club Contacts

President- Catherine Shelley                          

0418 581 880

Vice President- Cara Shelley                 

Treasurer- Wendy Sutherland

Secretary (acting) - Tracey Button 0418 545 703

Rally Coordinator

Georgia Romaszko


For All Warranooke Enquiries

[email protected]

Membership Information

 New members are always welcome!

Warranooke is working hard at making a 'New Members Information Pack'. This will have basic information to get you started in the HRCAV and more importantly who to contact at Warranooke for your own individual needs

Any queries or questions please email: [email protected]

Just print out the following membership form and HRCAV Disclaimer, fill them out, attach payment & send to us (address on the form, if you are an existing HRCAV member and need your card stamped please send with a stamped self addressed envelope so it can be stamped and returned to you). There is an option on the form to receive 'Chaff Chat'. This is a monthly magazine/newsletter sent out by HRCAV; it contains lots of interesting reading, rule changes, entry forms plus programs for all official HRCAV events. We recommend that you consider subscribing to ensure you are up to date with the latest HRCAV information and competition programs.

The HRCAV financial year runs from the 1st of November to the 31st of October.

Only fully completed memberships will be accepted!
(membership form, HRCAV disclaimer & proof of full payment)

 The following forms are the 2016/2017 forms.