Arlene and Simon
  Georgia and Woody


  Arlene and Simon


Club Contacts

President- Catherine Shelley                          

0418 581 880

Vice President- Cara Shelley                 

Treasurer- Wendy Sutherland

Secretary - Simone

0417 173 497

Rally Coordinator

Georgia Romaszko


For All Warranooke Enquiries

[email protected]

Upcoming Events

Rally Information

 Warranooke rallies are held on the 4th Sunday of each month at the club grounds, Melton Equestrian Park, Bulmans Rd (unless an indoor rally).

Please view the Calendar for rally details as they are organised. See below for the upcoming rally details.

Rally fees:

$40 per lesson

Non-Warranooke members will be charged a $10 a day facility fee

Bookings for lessons are due the Sunday before the rally (3rd Sunday of the month) and Payment is due by the Tuesday before the rally. Late bookings will not be accepted and failure to pay will cancel your booking.

Bookings to be made using Rally Booking Form. Click HERE to download in PDF format or HERE for Word Document (ideal for emailing).


Rally timetables will be emailed and posted on this page by the Thursday evening before the rally.
Please familiarize yourself with the following rally rules, procedures and etiquette.


Rally Rules, Procedures & Etiquette

As required by Melton Equestrian Park the following procedures must be adhered to on Rally days (and when grounds are used outside rally days). Please read through and just implement them, our club officials do enough to provide you with a fantastic club, don't wait to be asked, just clean up after yourselves   

Setup/Packup - The following checklist outlines the tasks that need to be completed for setup and pack up on rally days. Club policy states that riders in the first two lessons of the day are rostered on for setup and riders in the last two lessons of the day are rostered on for pack up. If for some reason you cannot be there to complete your duties it is your responsibility to organise someone to be there in your place.

Setup/Packup Checklist - Link coming soon 

Manure - All manure on arena, in yards and around floats must be picked up and either taken home or put out of the way under a tree.

Rubbish - All rubbish must be collected an placed in the bins provided in the car park area.

Turn up to lessons on time - Our rally organisers spend countless hours organising your rallies, to ensure smooth running please be ready to ride at least 5 minutes prior to your allocated rally time. Lessons will not wait for you, if you are late you will risk not being allowed to join the lesson.